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Tooth Extraction in Stafford

At Oriel Dental, we provide an Excellent Emergency Dental Tooth Extraction service. Our highly experienced and caring dentists can remove all kinds of painful and uncomfortable teeth and get you pain-free again.

It is important to get painful infected teeth removed for the following reasons:


  • Pain Relief- Being Pain Free and able to sleep at night is important for Health and Wellbeing
  • Removal of Infection
  • Protection of Neighbouring Teeth- Infection can spread to the teeth next door
  • Relief of Swelling- So you can eat, chew and smile again
  • Good Health- Infected Teeth can Make you Ill and Unwell
  • Orthodontic Purposes- Sometimes tooth removal is needed prior to braces, orthodontic and Teeth straightening procedures
  • Improved Oral Health- Infected Teeth can make it harder to clean the healthy ones
  • Better Aesthetics- Badly Decayed and Broken Teeth can Ruin a Smile
  • All Types of Teeth- We are a highly Qualified, Experienced and Skilled dental team and we can remove difficult teeth such as Wisdom Teeth, Broken Roots and Decayed Molars


Appointments are provided as soon as possible and same day appointments are available.

Emergency assistance is also available to patients that are not registered at our practice.


Please Call 01785 252514 during normal working hours to arrange an appointment or 07910 394043 (24/7 Helpline) Out of Hours.


You can also contact us on E-mail at smile@orieldentalpractice.co.uk or fill in an online booking form on the website.

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