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Root Canal in Stafford


At Oriel Dental, we offer high quality root canal treatment to solve your toothache and save your damaged teeth. Dentist Raj Koner won the British Endodontic Society Award for Excellence in Root Canal Treatment and is capable of undertaking a wide range of high quality root canal treatments. 

Root Canals are completely painless and you will be made to feel entirely comfortable during the procedure at Oriel Dental. We can provide your favourite music during treatment to make you completely at ease.

Teeth sometimes require root canal therapy when decay enters the nerve and they become painful and infected. Root canal treatment (endodontic therapy) helps to eliminate the bacteria and infection in the tooth and make it pain-free again for you. 

Please come and see us at Oriel Dental to get your toothache sorted and teeth saved for many more years!


Benefits of Saving Teeth with Root Canal Treatment:

  • Provides Pain Relief- Nothing Beats a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Helps save your teeth so that you can continue chewing, smiling and enjoying your food
  • Preserves jaw bone so that you can maintain a youthful facial contour
  • Stops teeth drifting and moving into the spaces left by teeth that have been extracted
  • Improved Aesthetics as you will not be left with gaps in your smile
  • Root Canal Treated teeth can be protected with crowns to make them stronger and more aesthetic
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