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Crowns in Stafford


What are Crowns?

Crowns are the best way to strengthen your teeth and protect them against fracturing and breaking. They completely cover your tooth and so offer an excellent aesthetic improvement in the same way that veneers do.

We offer crowns as part of our Smile Improvement Service and we can use them to transform the shade, colour and shape of your teeth to deliver a more aesthetic result. 

Crowns are also used when teeth are heavily broken down or filled to protect the tooth against fracturing and potentially being lost. We place crowns after root canal treatment to protect teeth from breaking.


What are the main benefits of Crowns:

  • Crowns offer the highest level of strength and protection for teeth
  • Crowns can improve the aesthetics of teeth as we can customise the shade and shape of the crown to the appearance you desire
  • Crowns can protect root canal treated and heavily filled teeth from being lost
  • Crowns retain their colour long term and do not need to be regularly whitened
  • Many people have old crowns done many years ago. These old crowns can be replaced with stronger and more aesthetic ones to improve your smile. 


If you would like to discuss how Crowns can help improve your smile, call us today to schedule a consultation with our friendly team.

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