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What our Patients Thought After and During Treatment With Us



I had a accident to my mouth which completely destroyed my bridge, upper front (this replaced a small denture) I decided after a discussion with my dentist Dr Fagg to have implants. As I was a member of the dental plan I was covered for part of the implant treatment. The procedure was a lengthy business and at times would not be everybodies 'cup of tea'. I've known Dr Fagg a very long time and at no time was there any concern in his ability and he is professional and courteous at all times. The end result was really worth the treatment. not only in looks but also added confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending the practice or the staff at Oriel Dental Practice

Mr B. A



Attending for routine check up and hygienist. Professional, efficient service. Friendly staff. Liked the mouth/ tongue check up for any signs of possible mouth cancer.

Mrs J. N


My family and I have been patients of Dr Sadhra since he took over the practice. Recently I have needed treatment for a bridge and replacement crown. Dr Sadhra al

ways discusses options for treatment and answers any questions that may be cause for concern. He is a friendly and caring dentist and the treatment he provides is outstanding. The environment is welcoming and friendly and we have been happy to recommend Dr Sadhra to friends and colleagues.

Mrs R. H



No matter how busy, the receptionist has always greeted me by name and with a smile. (i'm not just part of the job) I'm also made to feel relaxed by Dr Sadhra and his staff. He lets me know what he's doing and why. If any other treatment has been required I have been told my options and I have been allowed to make the decision that suits me. Lastly the hygiene staff talk and laugh with you, even if you can't talk back because your mouth is full of fingers and dentist implements.

Mr T. B



I have been a patient at this dental practice for about 20 years and have unfailingly been treated by all members of staff with courtesy and respect. It is a most friendly practice and all treatments are clearly and easily explained. As I get older with health problems emerging and my bravery diminishing, I have always felt absolute confidence and the trust in the kindness and assurance of Dr Sadhra and his dental nurse. Even when having a tooth extracted and the concern of bleeding. I have recommened this practice in the past and would continue to do so,

Mrs J. P


I have been a patient of this dental practice for many years. Over that time I have had many treatments from fillings, extractions, crowns fitted along with the general inspection and hygienist visits. At all times these services have been caried out in a most professional manner and with detailed explanation of the procedures being done. I have been dealt with by Dr Sadhra who always makes you feel comfortable and fully explains the work he carries out and why you need the various treatments. All the staff at the practice right from the receptionists up to the dentist are very friendly and make you welcome and at ease on your visits. The making of appointments is simple and easy, and should you need an emergency appointment every effort is made to fit you in quickly. A first class dental practice and long may it continue to give me and my wife continued exellent treatment.

Mr K. P



Due to reduced financial circumstances, I had moved from Oriel to a dentist treating NHS patients with other members of my family. We all found the service at this other practice brusque, perfunctory and unprofessional. As soon as our circumstances enabled us to return to Oriel Dental Practice, we have done so. My teeth needed a thorough clean, which was done with care and attention by Felicity, the hygienist. I particulary liked her friendly relaxed manner and the way she explained what she was about to do and why. Dr Sadhra gave me an examination and was, as always, thorough, professional and informative. I am confident that I need no further treatment at this time and am happy to be back with Oriel!

Mrs C. E



I am a longstanding patient at this friendly yet efficient practice. Both my dentist, Mr. fagg and Felicity, my hygienist, have done much to maintain and improve my smile! I have had numerous treatments, including fillings, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. I have been consitentley impressed with both the caring practice as well as the finished results. I always recommend this practice to family and friends.

Mrs P. D



Everything I have had done at the practice has always been excellent. I have never had any complaints. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend the practice to anyone!

Mrs M. W




The problems with my teeth have stemmed from poor dental care as a child in the 1950's and 60's so my teeth are generally not in a brilliant state. Your practice has solved many of my problems by very good quality care. I have had implants and a bridge, the joy of which is that i do not have to wear dentures. I like the fact that Dr. Sadhra never does anything invasive unless absolutely necessary. Your hygienist (whom I see every 3 months) makes sure everything is as clean as possible. Appointments are nearly always on time. I cannot recall when I was last kept waiting. I am very satisfied with the services I have recieved and, as stated above, am more than happy with the end result.

Mrs J. S



Having been afraid of going to the dentist for many years, i kept putting off going. I had a tooth that needed re-filling, so I finally plucked up the courage to make an appointment. I exaplined to them how nervous I was and they were very sympathetic towards me. Mr Fagg was excellent at distracting me and before i knew it the filling was done. The hygienist was wonderful too. I even went back to have two old discoloured fillings replaced, it was my choice and i'm glad I did as my teeth look so much better now. I'm already booked in for my 6 month check-up. Many thanks to the whole team for being so kind and patient with me.

Mrs G



Excellent standard of care all round and all of the staff from the receptionists, hygienists and dentists are extremley friendly and professional in all of my dealings with them.

Mr R. A



As we progress into old age, the practice have prevented us from the daunting prospect of false teeth. Thorough inspections, treatment and hygiene provided with TLC by a very happy team. We are in the hands of an extremely capable team.

Mr & Mrs J. R


I was once one of those people that feared going to the dentist, which was not helped by a lasting childhood memory of an old dragon with welder's hands. After I left high school, I did everything I could to avoid contacting a dentist for an appointment. I endured various pains for several years until raging toothache forced me to take action one day.

I contacted Oriel back when they were located on Eastgate Street and have never looked back since. Mr Sadhra instantly put me at ease and removed the offending tooth very quickly. Following the initial appointments, my fear of dental treatment (fillings or extractions)  diminished entirely.

Oriel Dental Practice provides a highly professional and courteous service, and I have always recieved good advice from Mr. Sadhra too. The establishment itself is highly modern, clean, and comfortable and the location is good for parking too. I also believe they cater for people with disabilities by providing a ground floor treatment room. I would highly recommend this practice to new customers, easily the best in the Stafford area.

Mr C. B



I am afraid over the years I have neglected my teeth, I now have my treatment with Mr. Fagg for any dental problems and check ups. I could go to my daughters dentist who is NHS but I trust Mr. Fagg. I am so scared of the dentist but he makes me feel relaxed and talks me through any problems. He advised me to see one hygienist more often. Today I have been into see Hayley, the hygienist, she is wonderful I cannot praise her enough. She talks me through everything, advises me on hygiene for my teeth at home and even though I am on the practice plan I pay extra now to see hayley every 3 months instead of 6 monthly. The improvement in my gums is noticeable as i do not get the bleeding when I clean my teeth. I invested (on Hayley's advice) in an electric toothbrush and I am getting the hang of that now. This has improved my gums so thank you all! everyone at the practice is cheerful and friendly but my angel is Hayley! For being so nice, don't ever leave please!

Mrs J. D




Excellent standard of care all round and all of the staff from the receptionists, hygienists and dentists are extremely friendly and professional in all of my dealings with them. 

Mr R. A




Always very good, in safe hands. Staff always very pleasant and have been with you a very long time. ''Well Done''

Mrs R. O




Before I had my brace on, I was slightly nervous as I didn't know what to expect or how it was going to feel. After speaking to Dr. Sadhra I was put at ease and the process and costs were clearly explained to me.

During the treatment I was kept informed about my progress by Dr. Sadhra, all of the staff at the surgery who I had dealings with were extremely friendly and helpful.

After I had my brace off I was really pleased with the way my teeth looked. Exactly how i hoped they would look! Thank you to all of the staff, I would recommend the treatment to anyone. Definitely worth it! DeDef  DDeggh 

Miss N.N

After having a fixed orthodontic appliance




I am very happy with the service and dental expertise which I received from Dr. Sadhra when he fitted a new bridge for me. The look of the bridge is very natural and goes well with my existing teeth.

Dr. Sadhra was very competent and efficient and I was put at my ease and felt totally relaxed during treatment,

I thoroughly recommend Dr. Sadhra and the Oriel Dental Practice.

Mrs T

After having a 4 unit bridge fitted.





My implants have been life transforming. I give thanks each day for the joy of being able to smile without embarrassment, and to Dr. Fagg and his team for their skills, encouragement and aftercare.

Thank you!

Mrs M. P

After undergoing treatment for 5 implants





I felt my teeth needed whitening, I used the Evolution whitening system. 'Natural' looking white teeth resulted. Professional and informative prior consultation - whole process was delivered well. The end result was very pleasing and gave me a confidence boost. I liked the fact that additional ''Top-ups'' are available on an on going basis to maintain the whitening process indefinitely.

Mr S. J

After undergoing Evolution Whitening treatment





Before treatment my front crown had come away. It looked really bad. Dr. Sadhra worked to put a bigger post in and also did a great job of matching the new crowns colour to my own teeth. My teeth now look great. What I liked most was a good all round service and the staff are always very pleasant and always smiling. This makes it a great place to visit. Best Regards

Mr P. J

After undergoing treatment to replace a front crown




Before my treatment I had an over crowded mouth and was in need of some brace work. To solve these problems, Oriel House Dental Practice first removed 4 adult teeth and 1 baby tooth. I was then fitted with a block brace which I wore for around 4.5 months to make my bottom jaw grow removing my overbite. After this successfully completed I was fitted with train track braces to reposition my teeth and make them straight. I wore this for about 16 months and then it was removed and my teeth are now unbelievably straight! I have a retainer which I wear every night to stop my teeth moving back.

After completing my treatment it's given me a confidence boost, made eating food easier and brushing my teeth easier. All of the service provided by my dentist was fantastic! I never faced any problems during treatment and my dentist did a good job of keeping me informed to how much progress was being made.

I am so pleased with the end result! I couldn't be happier. I'm very grateful, so thank you Oriel House!

Orthodontic Patient after undergoing jaw correcting & fixed brace work




I hadn't been to a dentist for years and as a result of not going my teeth and gums were a disgrace. So with a change of circumstances and the start of a new life I forced myself in through the doors of Oriel Dental Practice. OH! how things have changed, all the nurses were friendly and understanding, I wasn't made to feel foolish because I was scared they aknowledged it and that in turn made me feel calmer. Dr. Sadhra has restored my teeth with modern painless technology that i wasn't used to so as a result I find myslef able to talk to people with confidence and smile at strangers (well maybe thats taking it a bit too far) but I think you can tell from that first day of forcing myself through the door, I'm glad I did and you will be too.

Ms G. J

After undergoing treatment of front porcelain veneers




I have pleasure in submitting my tesitmony recommending Oriel.

I was so glad to find Oriel in the phone book. I had started by a referral from my NHS practice a cosmetic dentist but this did not work out; They were expensive, faintly patronising and had the approach that one might find in a cowboy builder who scratches his head and says 'It'll all have to come out'. In the five appointments I had at Oriel I found the nursing staff to be attentive, warm and well-informed and the dental work of Dr. Sadhra is truly expert, and my teeth look great! Nothing is too much trouble and they dont stop unitl all is perfect and the patient is satisfied and happy. It would be my pleasure to recommend Oriel Dental Practice in Stafford.

Mr S. S

After undergoing treatment for a 4 unit bridge, two crowns and a porcelain veneer










Thank you letters and cards


To Dr Sadhra and all of the staff

Thank you for all your help and support.

My teeth are excellent!!


Thank you


Mst H. D

After completing treatment of fixed upper and lower braces



To Dr. Fagg

Thank you very much for my lovely straight teeth,

Wishing you all the best

Miss L. F

After completing treatment of fixed upper and lower braces